With almost a decade of real estate experience, Ee Ting has been involved with all stages of the real estate investment cycle, and providing real estate advice in his professional career. 

He has worked on real estate investment management and asset management for Institutional Funds, Private Equity Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family Offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, etc. Investment deals involved ranging from Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality in major cities all over the world. To date, Ee Ting has been involved in over US$5 Billion worth of real estate investment deals.

From time to time, Ee Ting would share his experience and knowledge on real estate related topics by lecturing in colleges and universities.

Investors often rely on Ee Ting’s astute reading of the real estate markets, macro-economic analysis and financial savviness. You can also receive the same professional real estate investment advice for your property search by calling Ee Ting today.

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